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How to select right PDF to Excel Converter?

Nowadays, people tend to use PDF to save their data for its security and capability. For example, Businessmen backup their phonebooks in PDF files, accountants preserve financial data as PDF format. Actually, these data is originally edited in Excel Spreadsheet before being saved as PDF. Therefore, when the data is expired and need to update, we need to modify these PDF files by Adobe Acrobat or PDF to Excel Converter.

Though Adobe Acrobat supports editing data in PDF file, it is too expensive to afford for individual or some companies, considering the profits it brings. Besides, it needs a learning curve to become an expert. Thus, an alternative approach is converting PDF to Excel and then edit data in Excel spreadsheet.

Since there are many PDF to Excel Converters in the market, we should choose an appropriate one to reduce the workload. Here are the tips of selecting the right PDF to Excel Converter.

1. Convenience
It is based on time expense and simplicity of the process. Online programs are not suggested, because it asks you to upload and download frequently and the process is uncontrollable. For convenience, most of the operating button should be in one panel providing direct instructions.

2. Efficiency and Reliability
Efficiency always means conversion speed and quantity. For example, zamzar.com, a free online program, can only convert one PDF to Excel at a time and would take you a long time to download the output document. Besides, reliability could be assured when confidential files are being uploaded online.

3. Advanced Functions
Check out whether the program supports batch conversion and encrypted PDF conversion or not, which usually are the advanced functions of PDF to Excel Converter. Actually few programs embody these advanced functions, just like zamzar.com mentioned above.

4. Budget
Free, as well as high price, is not desirable for users who want to improve efficiency in daily work or study. Free always means low efficiency and quality, like zamzer.com, while high price marks uneconomical for normal users, like Adobe Acrobat. Therefore, a better way is to choose a cost effective program.

5. Output Quality
Actually, not all software can preserve the original data and format well in Excel spreadsheet. Maybe the data is not accurate in Excel as in PDF or some will be lost in the conversion process. Besides, if the format is wrong, the output spreadsheet will be of no use.

Taking these five tips as reference, we would select a right program. Here is a recommendation for PDF to Excel Converter. It is a desktop program which can preserve original data, font’s size and styles, borders, cell colors and row and column spacing in an editable Excel spreadsheet. Besides, it support batch conversion and encrypted PDF conversion. Here is the comparison between the data in PDF and in Excel. You may have a try to check out.

How to Select Right PDF to Excel Converter


How to Select Right PDF to Excel Converter