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How to merge PDF files together?

Nowadays, PDF becomes one of the most popular file formats worldwide. With only a free PDF Reader, PDF files can be viewed on any system and all platforms with no exceptions. Moreover, compact size makes PDF easier for files storage and sending over the Internet for exchanging. Consequently, dozens of e-books, material and journals we download from the Internet are in PDF format. However, most of them are separated into scattered small files before uploading by authors.

In order to manage and view separated PDF files easier, people need a PDF merger to merge pdf files together. This will cut down folder clutter and clear up needed hard drive space. Moreover, people can speedily send a single attachment instead of numerous fragments via Email. Following will shows you how to merge pdf files together with PDF Merger. It is a handy and user-friendly PDF tool making merging individual PDF files a breeze.

Step 1. Download and install PDF Merger

Download the program here: PDF Merger. After finish downloading, double click the -pdf-merger.exe file and follow the installation wizard instructions to install it.

Step 2. Launch PDF Merger

Double-click the shortcut of PDF Merger on your desktop to launch it. Its Intuitive interface is presented below.

Step 3. Import PDF files and adjust the files order

Click Add Files to import PDF files, people can import up to 200 files. Then adjust the files order exactly. The program will merge the files sequentially according to the order in the panel.

Step 4. Select merging methods and set properties of the output files

Click Method to select certain pages and page sort of each file that means to merge. Users also can set properties of the output files such as protecting it by Owner Password or Open Password.

Step 5. Start Merging

Click Merge to start merging and all the individual files will come out as a integrated PDF file. With above five simple steps, people can expediently merge PDF files together. This will make it easier to reorganize PDF files and make them easier to manage and handle.


How to Merge PDF Files Together?

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