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How to convert PDF to Word?

Many people want to how to convert PDF to word, but not willing to pay for Adobe Acrobat. So, here is the question, how to convert PDF to Word without Adobe Acrobat?
The answer would be simple – just apply a PDF to Word program.
Here, I will introduce a program for converting PDF to Word and teach you how to use it. Just follow the steps below, you can know how to convert PDF to Word.

Step 1. Download and run PDF to Word Converter

Click to download PDF to Word Converter and install it.

Double-click the icon How to convert PDF to Word?to launch the program.

Step 2. Import PDF files

Click Add PDF Files button and browse your files to locate the files which you want to convert PDF to Word. Or simply drag and drop your files onto the PDF to Word Converter user interface.

How to convert PDF to Word 2010?

You can either convert PDF to Word or batch convert PDF to word at a time. And the filename and file size will be shown on the main panel.

If you want to remove files, just right click the file and then click Remove. You can also delete all the files using Clear button.

How to convert PDF to Word 2010?

Step 3. Convert PDF to Word

When everything is ready, you can just click Convert button, and customize destination path for resulting Word files. Then the program will Convert PDF to word documents. Just wait a few seconds.

How to convert PDF to Word 2010?

A status bar will show on the panel to indicate the process of the current conversion.

If you want to stop while PDF to Word Converter is converting files, simply click Cancel button.

More tips for you to convert PDF:

  • The trial version can only convert the first 3 pages from PDF to Word.
  • If you want to convert pdf files to PowerPoint, Excel, HTML or text, PDF Converter is a good chioce, and of course, PDF Converter supports convert PDF to Word, too.

    More Useful Tips: