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How to convert PDF to Power Point?

As PDF format becomes increasing common when sharing documents, people may come across some PDF documents which are generated from PowerPoint presentations. Sometimes people need to copy and quote the content of them but failed to do that. That is because they are added restrictions from being copy or print by authors. In addition, people may desire to convert PDF to Power Point in order to recovery their presentations and re-use them to make PowerPoint slides.

There are great deals of situations we may encounter and we desire to convert PDF to Power Point. For instance, when teachers or professors make PowerPoint presentations, they often need to search for some journals for reference. Sometimes they need to quote some charts and statistical information from journals into their presentations. Since most of journals are in PDF formats and encrypted, they can do nothing but to re-type them into PPT presentations.

Consequently, try how to convert PDF to Power Point becomes essential. Is there a one-step method to deal with these jobs so that we can do further usage with PDF files in MS PowerPoint? Actually there are few such solutions available online. The common method is converting PDF to images and then inserts them into PPT slides. But you cannot do anything further edition with the content of images.

PDF to Power Point Converter is a superior tool that can truly recovery PPT presentations from PDF files. It supports restricted and encrypted files conversion and preserves text, layouts, images and hyperlinks well. You just need to follow 3 steps to fix the job.

Step 1. Launch PDF to Power Point Converter

Step 2. Import PDF files

There are two ways to import PDF files into this program. Click the Add Files button, browse your computer to find the PDF files, and add them. Or you can directly drag your PDF files into the file list window.

Step 3. Convert PDF to Power Point files

Click the Convert button, and files will be converted one by one. Wait for a little while, a dialogue box will pop up to inform you the conversion has finished.

After conversion, people can edit PDF files in MS PowerPoint directly or quote the content whatever they desire to make their own PowerPoint presentations.



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