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How to Convert PDF to Epub?

Although Apple iPad can handle multiple formats, EPUB format is still the first option for its adjustable formatting and fonts. However, it is not as popular as PDF format yet. PDF files are used for everything from business contracts to personal files, almost all the digital documents are in PDF format.

Microsoft Word, OpenOffice.org and most word-processing programs provide very simple ways to convert your document to PDF, but saving to EPUB format is not simple at all. Many people wonder if they could convert a PDF file to EPUB document. This article will answer this question and show you the easiest way to convert PDF to EPUB.

PDF to EPUB Converter is only 5.9 MB and it can be installed in a jiffy. Then you can open up the main interface.

Conversion is an easy job

The interface is so friendly that even my grandma can finish the conversion without tutorial.
1. Just click Add Files… button to browse your PDF files.
2. Choose a location to save the target EPUB files.
3. Click on the large Convert button.
Job has been done.

Of course, if you always use Mac OS for daily work, you can check out PDF to Epub for Mac, which is specially designed for Mac users.

How to Convert PDF to Epub?

Key Features of PDF to EPUB Converter

Putting aside the extremely easy-to-use features, there are some other handy features you would like to know.

1. If you have a super huge PDF file with thousands of pages, and you just want to read parts of them, you can convert some pages selectively. Just put in the desired page numbers or page range, like 1, 3-5, 10.How to Convert PDF to Epub?

2. PDF to EPUB Converter allows you batch process 200 PDF files in batches. Just drag and drop a large number of PDF files into the main panel, and they will be converted one by one.


How to Convert PDF to Epub?

3. Here comes another special feature, it can convert owner password protected PDF (can’t print, copy or edit) without any problems. And it can also detect open password protected PDF files.

How to Convert PDF to Epub?

You can unlock the PDF files by clicking the little lock icon. Of course, you need to know the open password.

How to Convert PDF to Epub?

4. If you don’t want to launch the interface, just right-click the PDF file, you can convert PDF files to EPUB format in the menu shortcuts.

How to Convert PDF to Epub?

Conversion Quality
There are many PDF to EPUB Converters in the marketplace. You must want to know how well they do it, not only how to use it. Take a look at the original PDF and the converted EPUB files, you can see the contents are preserved along with the original formatting.

How to Convert PDF to Epub?


After reading this, what are you waiting for? Just send the mouse towards the download link and try the easiest way to convert PDF to EPUB. Then you can put the EPUB file into any eReaders that support EPUB to enjoy the enhanced reading experience.

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