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How to batch convert PDF to Word?

In our daily study or work, we may come cross some PDF files as many academic papers, legal instruments, rules and regulations documents. We want to copy text, pictures, and hyperlinks from PDF for further edition or other application.

However, there may be some online free converters can convert PDF to word, by which we could easily copy text in PDF; it's useful, but pretty slow. Because we have to convert so many PDF files one by one, it’s a boring and time-consuming work. We want a program that can batch convert PDF to word briefly. Here is a question: how can I find the program for batch PDF to word? Luckily, I found PDF to word Converter supporting convert up to 200 PDF files at a time and would like to show how to use it. Just follow the steps below, you can easily copy text in PDF as your wishes.

Step 1. Download and run PDF to Word Converter.

Click and download PDF to Word Converter and install it by instructions.

Step 2. Import PDF files

Double click the shortcut to the program and open it, you will see the interface below. There are two ways that you can select to import PDF files.

1. Click Add PDF Files… button and browse your computer to locate which files you want to convert. And you can see the file name and size shown on the main panel. Then repeat the operation till all PDF files you want to convert are listed.

2. Open the folder of PDF files, select all that you want to convert and then directly drag them into the file list window.


How to batch convert PDF to Word


You should set the right path before conversion. If you want to remove files, just click Remove, you can also delete all files using Clear button.

Of course, you could set the specified pages if you just want some pages of one PDF file converted.

Step 3. Batch convert PDF to Word

When everything is ready, you just need to click Convert button. The program will batch convert PDF to word at a time.

If the PDF is encrypted by open password, you need to input it before conversion.

Comparison: Let's check the Comparison between the original PDF file and converted word presentation:


How to batch convert PDF to Word How to batch convert PDF to Word

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