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How to copy PDF tables to Excel sheets?

How to copy PDF tables to Excel sheets? One of my friends asked me this question a week ago. As she wanted to extract PDF tables to Excel and reuse the data but can’t. She tried to press Ctrl+C to copy the PDF table and press Ctrl+V to paste the data in Excel sheet. It does can copy data from PDF to Excel, but all the layouts messed up and all the data totally can’t use. What even worse was that, one significant sheet can’t be copied with copying restrictions. She didn’t want to spend much time retyping (really too much work), that’s why she asked me about this.

I think my friend’s problem above is very common to people who need to deal with sheets often. Then how to copy PDF to Excel? Here is my recommended solution: Use PDF to Excel Converter to extract PDF to Excel. It is practical and easy to use, also deals with the copying and printing restricted PDF tables without any problem. Now just download PDF to Excel Converter (for Windows) and install it on your PC and follow the simple steps below to extract PDF to Excel: (Note: If you use Mac, you can try PDF to Excel for Mac, which works on Mac OS X and also very efficient)

Step 1 Launch the program

Double-click the shortcut of PDF to Excel Converter on your desktop to launch it. The main interface is intuitive to use.

Step 2 Import PDF files

Click the Add Files button above the panel to add files for conversion. It supports converting up to 200 files at one time.

PDF to Excel Converter – Copy PDF to Excel

Step 3 Customize

Click Options button, you can choose whether to keep the formatting in the output Excel spreadsheets. Default option is to retain value without formatting.

PDF to Excel Converter –customize

Optional Settings: Select certain pages and set an output files path

If you want to extract some pages from large PDF files, click Selected Pages field and type the page numbers to be converted.

The converted Excel sheets will save in the source file folder if you select Save in the same folder as source. Alternatively, you can choose another destination by clicking Customize.

Step 4 Extract PDF to Excel

Click the Convert button below the panel, and your PDF files will be extracted to Excel sheets one by one.

PDF to Excel Converter – export PDF to Excel

After conversion, you can open the converted Excel files directly through the links in the panel or open the destination folder by clicking the Open button below the panel. After checking the extracted Excel sheets, you can find that all the data are perfectly copied from PDF to Excel and there is even no need to reformat. Fantastic, right? So just try PDF to Excel Converter yourself.

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