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How to convert PDF files to Excel spreadsheet?

It is a typical Monday morning. You have e-mail to reply, weekly meetings to attend, and reports to file. The trouble is that the reports are in PDF format. All of them are complicated, with multi table, and average 60-100 pages in length. You need to change PDF to XLS format to put them in the management system.

I know it is harsh. I had the same terrible experience before. However, with the right tool, you can stop staying up late at night. By following my suggestion to convert PDF to Excel Spreadsheet, you will learn to work faster, not harder. Don't let the PDF files drive you crazy. Trust me, most boss don't care how you get your work done, as long as it gets done with no mistakes.

Here I would recommend you PDF to Excel Converter, which saves my life from that complicated work. Previously, you need to download the program from the product page. And then, there are the steps to convert PDF to Excel Spreadsheet.

Step 1: Import PDF files

Click Add Files… button on the top of panel and import your local PDF files, or directly drag and drop the files to the panel. You can import up to 200 PDF documents at a time. The graphic below shows the program loaded with PDF files.

How to convert PDF files to Excel spreadsheet?

Step 2. Customize Conversion

1. Set Page Range
You can click Selected Pages to type in the number of pages which you want to convert. This function would make the work more accurate and efficient.

2. Set Output Folder
The default option Save in the same folder as resource is to save your output Excel Spreadsheets in the same folder where the original files (PDF) are located. Of course, you can customize the storage path by choosing Customize option.

How to convert PDF files to Excel spreadsheet?

Step 3: Convert PDF files to Excel Spreadsheets

Make sure all the settings are OK and then Click Convert button to start conversion process. This would be accomplished automatically in minutes. When the conversion is over, you can click Open button to locate the folder of the output Excel spreadsheets.

In conclusion, it is brilliant to reduce my workload with PDF to Excel Converter when dealing with table in PDF files. And another truth is that, most of time; we need to change PDF files to more editable format like Word, PowerPoint, Text or HTML. So, the 5-in-1 PDF Converter would be also a great recommendation.

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