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3 efficient ways to make PDF eBooks

PDF eBooks has becoming more and more popular nowadays. This is mainly because the compatibility and security of PDF. Just from the full name of PDF: Portable Document Format we can learn that PDF is easy to be transferred. PDF eBooks are so widely spread that you can almost see them everywhere: Internet, PC, iPod, iphone, etc. People like PDF eBooks because it is so convenient and safe. So if you are an editor, writer or someone who has interests to write your own story to share or store, this tip can do you some favor to make your own PDF eBooks. As they are the most efficient 3 ways I know to make PDF eBooks.

The first way: Make PDF with Adobe Acrobat

There is no arguing that Adobe Acrobat is the most popular used application to make PDF eBooks. It is powerful and stable tool for PDF. It enables you to create new PDF pages, edit PDF text, images, pages, headers and footers, hyperlinks, properties, securities easily. The only Cons of the software are that the price is too high for personal users and the size is very large which has high requirements for the OS and the PC.

The second way: Make PDF eBook with Infix PDF editor

Except Adobe Acrobat, Infix PDF editor is the best PDF tools to create and edit PDF eBooks I’ve ever used. You can also freely edit PDF text, images, pages, headers and footers, hyperlinks, properties, securities with this PDF editor. Compared with Adobe Acrobat, it can’t merge and split PDF files. However, I preferred more about its text function, as you can write text anywhere in the PDF pages with text flow, even more convenient than in Word. Cons of this tool are the price is also a bit high and it is not very convenient to view the final text formatting while editing, you need to save the PDF file first and then see the text formatting such as colors, etc.

The third way: Make PDF with Word and Office Plug-in, SaveAsPDF

Maybe you have used to edit your story in Microsoft Word, it is convenient and efficient. To make a PDF eBook, you just need to convert Word to PDF. Using this Office Plug-in SaveAsPDF, you can quickly save Word document to PDF file. It is totally free, just download it from Microsoft. Cons of this way to make PDF eBooks are: you need to have Microsoft Word installed in advance, and you can only save one Word document to PDF file each time. Also it is not very convenient for you to edit the converted PDF eBooks if you don’t have the original Word documents. In this case, you can use PDF to Word Converter to convert from PDF to Word. It is a fast and accurate tool that enables you to convert PDF to Word 2007, 2003 and 2010.

The three ways above I summarized hope can do you some favor to make your PDF eBooks efficiently.

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