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Tips of PDF to Word for Mac

Here are some useful tips for Mac users to convert PDF to Word more efficiently:

Batch Conversion
Partial Conversion
Convert encrypted PDFs
Drag-and-drop operation

Batch Conversion

Batch conversion feature enables you to add 50 PDF files for conversion at one time.


batch conversion

Partial Conversion

If you just want to extract part of contents from a large PDF file, this partial conversion feature is surely you need. Choose File-> Output Settings-> File Configuration in the menu bar, or click on the gear icon beside the Word icon, you can customize specific pages and page ranges for conversion.

partial conversion

Convert encrypted PDF files

PDF to Word for Mac converts owner password protected PDF files (copying and printing restricted PDF files) directly. But if the PDF file is protected by user/open password, the password is required for conversion. After adding PDF files into the panel, there is a small lock icon lock icon beside each PDF file with user/open password.


convert encrypted PDF files

This means the PDF file is locked by conversion. You need to unlock it for conversion. Otherwise the file will be skipped by the program during the conversion process. Click on the lock icon and a dialogue window will pop up, requiring the open password:


enter open password

Type in the right password and click OK button, the PDF file is unlocked for conversion.

Drag-and-drop operation

Drag-and-drop is a convenient and wonderful feature. Just drag some local PDF files and drop them into the panel, you can successfully add the local PDF files into the program. Also click on some imported PDF files and drag them out of the panel, the selected PDF files are removed from conversion list immediately. In addition, by dragging PDF files in the panel up and down, you can change the conversion order for the imported PDF files.

drag-and-drop operation

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