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Good Preservation

Good Preservation

PDF to Word for Mac converts PDF to Word by creating a copy in Ms Word format for each PDF file with all the contents well preserved. It can preserve:

  • Text
  • Hyperlinks
  • Images
  • Layouts
  • Tables
  • Columns
  • Graphics
  • Colors

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High Efficiency

PDF to Word for Mac allows batch conversion and partial conversion, which can highly improve users' working efficiency.

Batch-Conversion: Allow users to convert batches of PDF files (maximum 50 PDF files) to Word documents once. This mode is quite convenient when there are amounts of PDF files need to be dealt with.

Partial-Conversion: Allow users to specify page ranges or select specific pages from each PDF file for conversion. Page Range, such as page 1-15 or Specific page(s), such as 5,7,14… This mode is useful when users just want to extract some pages but not the whole large PDF file.

support batch conversion and partial conversion

convert encrypted PDF files

Encrypted PDF Files Conversion

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