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Mac Your PDF to Office Converter

Many people have a mixed feeling when it comes to PDF. You can enjoy the experience of using PDF for its accessibility and security. However, you also find it difficult to edit it or extract useful content from it. And that is what Office is good at—editable and diversified forms. Obviously, you need a handy intermediary between PDF and Office which enables you to handle the documents in their most suitable forms.

Then what is the most appropriate intermediary?
Think about it…
Yes, a PDF to Office converter is the answer!

However, most PDF converters are made for Windows. They work only on Windows OS, and they look too traditional. Thusly, do you know how to convert PDF to on Mac? Let's first have look at when you need a PDF to Office Converter.

Situations You May Need a PDF to Office Converter for Mac

PDF to Word—Obviously, more people are better at manipulating Word documents than handling PDF files. You cannot edit PDF easily if you do not get an effective PDF editor like Adobe Acrobat which, unfortunately, is too expensive for individual users. You can not only correct slip-ups in the PDF file with all the other things remained, but also flexibly add personalized elements to make the documents more cool.

PDF to Excel—If you are a researcher, an analyst or an accounting professional, chances are that data and materials you have to tackle with is in PDF. Clearly, an Excel spreadsheet is more powerful in tracking information, tabulating comparisons and mathematical formulas. Accurate conversion from PDF to Excel will ensure your work efficiency.

PDF to PowerPoint—Many instruction manuals, courseware and other online reference content are in PDF due to its compactness and accessibility. You may want to use pages of a PDF file in a PPT presentation, but as a presentation guru, you need to change the PDF a little and add video and audio effect to enhance your individualization of the PowerPoint. And a tutorial to show the detials of how to convert PDF to Powerpoint on mac will provide some operation instructions

Crack All PDF to Office and Other Problems on Mac!

You may have come across at least one of the situations above, and every time you would spend a lot of efforts trying to find a corresponding solution. That's just a waste of time. PDF Converter for Mac is a powerful 6-in-1 application which provides comprehensive PDF solutions for Mac (Snow Leopard, Lion included). You can not only fulfill PDF to Office (PDF to Word, PDF to Excel, PDF to PowerPoint) tasks, you can also realize wonderful conversion from PDF to HTML, PDF to Text, and PDF to EPUB.

Mac, Sexy, Cool

The interface carries on typical Apple style—simple, aesthetic and vivid. However, being distinctive does not mean it sacrifices user experience. You can drag and drop files to add tasks into the panel and drag them out to remove. Multiple tasks are queued in the same panel, thus you can see clearly what's going on.

pdf converter mac

The Magic of PDF to Office Converter for Mac Does Not Stop Here

1. You can batch convert up to 50 files within one click. It saves you a lot of time waiting at the table and adding new tasks repetitively.

2. You can choose partial conversion when you need to convert particular page(s) or page range. It makes your tasks more flexible.

3. You can even convert encrypted PDF files. Don't let annoying owner password drag you back. The restrictions which prevent you from copying and printing will disappear right after conversion. In this case, the converter also serves as a password remover!

Now are you ready to Mac your PDF? Just click to enjoy the brand-new experience PDF to Office Converter brings to you!