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How to create PDF from MS Office on Mac?

You want to send your report (MS Word format) to your manager, but he doesn't have the file viewer to open your document; or your want to upload the name list (MS Excel format) to a file server and share with your students, but .xls (.xlsx) is not available on most public file servers; maybe you finished some presentations (MS PowerPoint format) that you want to share but don't want to be modified. For solving the above problems, the solution might go with PDF.

It is very easy for Mac OS users. Actually, every program running in Mac OS X has the ability to create a PDF File from the print dialog window. So of course, MS Office for Mac also has the options. Here are the steps:

1> Open the MS Office documents you want to save as PDF

2> Simply choose FilePrint and you will see below pop-up window:

create PDF from office on mac

3> Click “PDF” button and choose “Save as PDF”:

create PDF from office on mac

4> Select the desired location and name of your converted file. Click Save.

5> Navigate to the place where you stored your PDF file and open it.

That's it! It is so easy for creating PDF from MS Office on Mac (Snow Leopard, Lion included). Now you can share you PowerPoint presentations, your name list and report with others! If you want to convert PDF back to Word and edit it on Mac, please get the PDF to Word for Mac here.