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How to Convert PDF on Mac

Although the prevailing file format PDF brings us so many benefits in file storage, transmission, and display, sometimes we still feel the needs to convert it to other formats. For example, to convert PDF to Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) is the most common need because Office provides us more flexibility and variety to edit text, create charts and graphics, calculate data, and prepare presentation materials.Other zealous netizens may be eager to find a way to share interesting PDF files online. As Apple fans, we may be more accustomed to EPUB format when reading eBooks, but unfortunately, the eBook available online are mostly in PDF. To solve all the problems above, we need a powerful tool to transform PDF efficiently. For Mac users, this is not a problem, either. PDF Converter for Mac provides comprehensive and professional PDF solutions for any PDF problems on Mac (Snow Leopard, Lion included).

PDF Converter for Mac is a powerful but easy-to-use PDF conversion tool for Mac users. Download and install it on your Mac and then launch the program. PDF Converter for Mac support try-before-buy. Just choose Evaluate to have a free trial of the program. Here are the simple steps to convert PDF on Mac.

Step1. Import PDF files

To import PDF files to convert, you just need to drag and drop PDF files to the panel. And also, you can choose File-> Add PDF Files in menu of the toolbar on the top of the screen to add PDF files. The default converted format is MS Office Word (.doc). You can batch convert up to 50 PDF files at one time and you can convert encrypted PDFs as well.

pdf converter mac

Step2. Choose the format to convert and customize your conversion

After importing PDF files into the panel, now you can choose the formats to convert. Click on the gear icon , in the pop-up window, you can choose the output format: MS Office Word (.doc), MS Office Excel (.xls), MS Office PowerPoint (.pptx), HTML Document (.html), Text Document (.txt) or Electronic Publication (.epub). And also, you can customize the page range to convert in this window. If you want to convert all the files into single format, choose Apply to All.

pdf converter mac

You can customize you conversion by setting modes. Click the PDF Converter->Preferences on the toolbar; you will see the window above.

For PDF to Excel

pdf to excel mac

Mode1(Default)—Retain original formatting of forms. In this mode, the converter intelligently extracts each datum to each cell; it makes data computable numbers rather than symbols, and you can apply complicated formulas for calculation and insert charts and diagrams. Therefore, it practically facilitates further calculation and brings actual convenience to analysts and accounting professionals. This is the default mode.

Mode2—Retain value without formatting. For example, the original table may contain 2 data in one cell, and the conversion would not change the format—two data are still in one cell after conversion. If you need the table how it was, choose this mode.

For PDF to HTML and PDF to EPUB

pdf to html macpdf to epub mac

Mode1(Default)—Text and images to HTML/EPUB. In this mode, text and images are individual elements in the converted HTML/EPUB file. You can edit, extract, copy and paste them separately later.

Mode2—Each page as an image to HTML/EPUB. In this mode, each converted page becomes an image to HTML/EPUB. It is like that you take screenshot of each page and then insert them in HTML or EPUB.

Step4. Convert PDF files

After choosing the output format, click Convert button to convert PDF files. Each PDF file will be converted as the format you choose. After conversion, you can click the format icon to open the converted file.

Look! Only three simple steps, you can mac your PDF to Office Converter to conduct PDF to Word, PDF to Excel, PDF to PowerPoint, PDF to EPUB, PDF to HTML, PDF to Text tasks smoothly. Don't hesitate anymore. Click to enjoy the surprises PDF Converter for Mac prepares for you!