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How to Change Page Orientation in Word 2007?

Microsoft Word always presents you with a vertical ("portrait mode") orientation for new documents by default. However, under some circumstances, you may need to change the paper orientation from portrait to landscape, or convert it back to portrait. "Landscape mode" is ideal for Word documents which need more space horizontally (like some brochures or business cards) than standard documents that scroll vertically. This article shows you how to change the page orientation from portrait (vertical) to landscape (horizontal), and then back to portrait mode, in Microsoft Word 2007.

Change orientation from Portrait to Landscape Mode

Change Orientation from Portrait to Landscape Mode

Word 2007 creates all new documents by default in portrait mode (vertical). To change the orientation of your document to landscape mode, click on the Page Layout tab of the Ribbon, and then locate the Orientation button.
Click on Orientation, and then choose Landscape from the dropdown menu that appeared. Word 2007 will rotate your document 90 degrees, so you end up with a document in Landscape mode.

Note: When you change the page orientation, Word 2007 retains your page setup and paper settings.

Change page orientation back to Portrait Mode
To change the page orientation back to portrait mode, follow the same procedure: click on the Page Layout tab, and then on the Orientation button: notice that Landscape is currently selected, so click on Portrait to revert to your original page orientation. If you were to send your Word document to your printer, the document would print as expected, with the proper paper orientation.

Note: Page orientation settings you use in Word 2007 are used by default not just by printers, but also by print drivers (for example, when you print to PDF a Word document, or save a Word document as PDF in other words, which uses Adobe's print driver for PDF). This means that if you print to PDF a Word 2007 that uses landscape orientation, the Word document will show up as landscape document even if you choose the portrait orientation in the PDF print settings.