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Which PDF Password Is Safer, User Password or Owner Password?

As mentioned before, we can apply two different types of passwords to PDF files. One is user password, and the other is owner password. These two types of password are applicable in different situations: the former prevents others from viewing PDFs while the latter allows viewing but prevents editing, copying and printing PDFs.

Though they are used in different cases, we can still compare them in the perspective of security. Then which one is the WINNER in terms of SECURITY?

User Password
If you know the user password, it is possible to unlock PDF file instantly. If you don't know it, things become complicated, as there is no easy way to rip PDF password. Many PDF apps which claim have to use some universal methods such as Brute Force Attack and Dictionary Search, but you have to bear the unbearably slow speed. Imagine it, your computer runs for a whole day to remove user password. What a time-wasting work. That's terrible, isn't it?

Owner Password
Owner password is sort of PDF restriction rather than a type of password. Many people use it out of consideration of copyright. They want to their work retained as what they were in the beginning. Or they hate copycats. However, people who are authorized may still face such a problem. Fortunately, you can find many PDF Password Crackers are made to crack owner password and they really work very well.

In conclusion, USER PASSWORD is a safer way to protect PDF files.