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How much do you know about Microsoft PowerPoint 2010?

PowerPoint 2010 has been to the sight of the public for months, some people have used the new version, while some still stick to the older versions. I am one of those who like to try the new and is now using the new version 2010. It is fantastic and really worth a try. Here are 4 key new features of PowerPoint 2010:

1. Add a screenshot to a slide
Really useful feature for handy use. The new Screenshot feature is under Insert. It helps you catch screenshots of the currently open window for one-click insert. Also it gives you the marquee select options of the screenshots.

Add a screenshot to a slide

2. New Background Removal Tool

Background Removal Tool

The new feature can automatically remove unwanted portions of a picture, such as the background, to accent or highlight the subject of the picture or to remove distracting detail.

Background Removal

It can also crop your images with more precision, or apply artistic textures and effects to your pictures. Some of the new effects include Pencil Sketch, Line Drawing, Chalk Sketch, Watercolor Sponge, Mosiac Bubbles, Glass, Cement, Pastels Smooth, Plastic Wrap, Glow Edges, Photocopy, and Paint Strokes.


3. New Smart Art Templates

It is easy to understand, and i'm sure most people love this. With more pretty and intutive Smart Art Templates, it is easier to make an efficient presentation.

New Smart Art Templates

4. Turn presentation into video

The new feature enables you to save your presentation as a video file.When you want to give a high-fidelity version of your presentation to colleagues or customers (either as an e-mail attachment, published to the web, on a CD or DVD), just save it as a video file. Also you can control the size of the multimedia file and the quality of your video.

Turn presentation into video