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Sumatra PDF - the smallest PDF reader

If you need to read PDF files at different places often, or if you just want to find a small PDF reader to view or print PDF files, then Sumatra PDF is definitely a perfect choice. As it is described on its official website, Sumatra PDF is a slim, free, open-source PDF reader for Windows. Size of Sumatra PDF is only 1.66MB, which can save your computer's space to a large extent. As there is a portable version of Sumatra PDF, you can easily take it anywhere you want. Most importantly, it works far more quickly and just as smoothly as Adobe Reader. Sounds great, right?

The interface is quite simple, which consists of the menu bar and a tool bar. And even the toolbar is quite minimalistic. It contains buttons for opening a PDF file, moving between pages, jumping to a specific page, and searching for text in the PDF file.

Sumatra PDF
Sumatra PDF Interface

One highlight feature of Sumatra PDF is that it maximizes your computer monitor's real estate. All PDF readers have a side pane that displays a table of contents which allows you to quickly jump around the PDF file. To many PDF readers, this pane is visible even if the table of contents is empty. When empty, the pane takes up screen space, and you need to scroll or resize the view to read the PDF file properly. Sumatra PDF, on the other hand, only displays the pane if the table of contents exists. It remains hidden the rest of the time.

That's all about Sumatra PDF. Also you can find many other useful PDF Readers here: 30+ Free, Online, Offline Tools of PDF converter, PDF creator and PDF reader. And just have a comparison with Sumatra PDF and choose your favourite one!

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