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Skim characterizes itself as a standard PDF reader and powerful note-taker.

PDF Reader

PDF Reader

  • Open PDFs
  • Drag PDFs to the Dock to open
  • Open Records
  • Thumbnails display in sidebar
  • Select Text
  • View the properties
  • Check spelling and grammar
  • Zoom in and out
  • Magnify portion
  • Snapshots
  • Presentation

Powerful Note Taker
Comprehensive note feature distinguishes Skim from other PDF readers. It highly facilitates learners who usually read pdf files.
Anchored Notes: This type is used for longer notes. You can assign a title and icon to it. It resides on a page as a small icon and will pop up if you double click on it.
Anchored Notes

Multiple choices of Saving Notes: You can export notes to a separate file, as a attachment to pdf, or in other forms, according to your preference. It enables you to:

  • Save notes and highlights as text
  • Save notes and highlights to a separate file
  • Save PDF and notes in a bundle
  • Save PDF files with the notes and highlights included: Use this to fill pdf forms
  • Save PDF files without notes and highlights
  • Add notes from a separate .skim notes file to a PDF file

Notes & Notes Pane: Basic Notes option include: highlight, strikethrough, underline, add text notes, draw an Oval or Rectangle. Notes are listed by pages in notes pane. Use notes pane to manage notes, you can copy, edit, and delete notes very conveniently.

Notes & Notes Pane
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