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4 editing features of Preview to edit PDFs on Mac

As it's known to all, Apple's Preview is a simple and elegant build-in PDF reader which enables you to view both PDF files and images on Mac. But in fact it also has 4 editing features you may not notice that can help you edit PDF documents. Here are the 4 editing features below:

Annotate on PDF files

Preview allows users to add, delete and edit text annotations, sticky notes and graphic annotations on PDFs. Also you can markup PDF text such as highlight, underline and strikethrough. Just click the Annotate button in the toolbar, and then you can find the annotation tools in the annotations toolbar at the bottom of the PDF file.

Edit PDFs with Preview

Then, you can choose the tool to add annotations on your PDF file. Please note that you should use the text tool to select the text before you markup text on the PDF pages.

Merge, Delete, Reorder, Rotate and Crop pages in PDF files
Preview also enables users to merge, delete, reorder, rotate and crop pages in PDF files. Just click Sidebar button in the toolbar to show page thumbnails in the sidebar. Then select one or several thumbnails and drag them from one document to another document can you merge pages in different PDFs. Or drag the thumbnails within one PDF file up and down to reorder the PDF pages. And if you want to delete several pages in the PDF files, just select the page thumbnails in the sidebar and click Delete Keyboard to delete the pages. To rotate the pages, choose Tools>Rotate Left or Tools>Rotate Right. To crop the pages, you need to use the Select tool in the toolbar to select some area in the page, and then choose Tools>Crop to crop the pages to the small selected page area.

Edit PDFs with Preview

Bookmark PDF files
Whether you want to add or edit bookmarks on PDF files, it is easy make it done with Preview. Just choose Bookmarks > Add Bookmark… or Bookmarks > edit Bookmark…, then you can bookmark for the PDF files you want to.

Edit PDFs with Preview

Encrypt PDF files
Preview also can help you encrypt your PDF files to protect them from opening and viewing by others. After you finish the PDF editing, choose File > Save as… in the menu, and select Encrypt in the pop out window, then set the open password, click Save button to save and encrypt the PDF file with open password.

Edit PDFs with Preview


That's the 4 editing features of Preview for editing PDF files on Mac, have you noticed them all before? Sincerely hope this tip can help you enjoy the editing experience of PDF files with Preview.

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