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PDF Page Orientations – Portrait & Landscape

PDF page orientation is the way in which a rectangular page in a PDF file is oriented for normal viewing. There are two most common orientations: portrait and landscape.

The specific word definition of Portrait comes from the fact that that a close-up portrait of a person's face and upper body is more fitting for a canvas or photo where the height of the display area is greater than the width, and is more common for the pages of books. Here is the example of Portrait PDF page:

Portrait PDF

Landscape originally described artistic outdoor scenes where a wide view area is needed, but the upper part of the painting would be mostly sky and so is omitted. Here is the example of Landscape PDF page:

Landscape PDF

Convert PDFs from Landscape to Portrait
For some reason, some scanned PDF files are not in a proper orientation on the computer when they are created. Actually many free PDF readers allows you to change the page orientation for viewing. And also you can easily change the orientation with Acrobat: Just Choose Documents> Rotate Pages… from the top menu and choose the orientation to rotate. By rotating the page orientation, you can easily convert Landscape PDF to Portrait PDF.

But there may be another problem: you can only change the page orientation but not the text direction. So the original text direction would become wrong if the original text direction is OK. Here is the example:
Rotate page orientation in PDF

In this case, you can first convert PDF to Word and then change the page orientation from Landscape to Portrait in Word 2007. When you change page orientation in word, both page orientation and text direction are changed.