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6 Special Features of PDF

What makes PDF so special that it becomes one of the most popular in numerous fields of work? Well, here we've listed six outstanding features of PDF to explain that and help you get more familiar with PDF so that you can better make use of it.

PDF files are viewable and printable on virtually any platform, including Windows®, Mac OS, and mobile platforms such as Android™.

Security (Encryption, Digital Signatures)
PDF supports different levels of encryption, access control, and digital signatures. This makes it attractive for processing sensitive documents that are sent over the internet or used in web browser applications. PDF documents can be encrypted such that their contents cannot be reconstructed without knowing the password.

PDF objects, especially images, can be highly compressed with different compression algorithms without a visible loss of quality. A PDF file can be a fraction the size of the original file.

Random Access
PDF files can be randomly accessed. For example, if you want to view page 733 in an 800-page document, PDF can identify and load the objects needed to display page 733 first. You do not have to wait for the entire file to load before the page can be viewed.

Graphics separated from rendering

PDF separates graphics (shapes and colors) from rendering (raster output device). The appearance of pages is specified in the PDF file in a device-independent way. Rendering the pages can be optimized based on the output devices' specific characteristics.


Font Management

All fonts used in a PDF file can be embedded in the file, guaranteeing that the text will look exactly the same when the file is reproduced. To save space fonts can be subset, i.e. the fonts only contain those parts that are really needed.

With the above five features, PDF shows great advantage over some other common-used formats. Get to know more here so that you can make the most of it to meet any of your needs.