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PDF Editor Is Needed for Mac

Mac OS X is PDF friendly. Apple added PDF creator within your Mac OS X. Any application that has a print dialogue box can create a PDF. Besides, Apple's built-in Preview application is not only a PDF reader like Adobe Reader, but also has some basic editing features. Say, for example, you can highlight and underline text, rotate page and so on. However, the editing functions of Preview are far away from enough for a daily PDF user on Mac.

When it comes to PDF editor for Mac, you will think of Adobe Acrobat immediately. On Mac, Acrobat is as expensive as the windows version (US $449). And it might take you a whole day learning how to delete a single word. Unfortunately, many other PDF editors for Mac are not real PDF editors; actually they are just adding a new layer over the PDF, like we draw something on the paint tool. We just need to edit PDF on Mac like we edit document in Microsoft Word.

So, what functions should a good PDF editor for Mac have?

1. Editing PDF Text as Word Processor
Have you ever met this before, you need to send a PDF contract to your customer but you find something wrong. The problem is fixing errors in PDF was impossible unless you started over! With a good PDF editor, you can easily add text in PDF, modify any particular words or sentences, change any fonts, colors and size of the text, things will be solved in seconds.

2. Images Editing
Many companies will add watermark to confidential PDF documents, this requires PDF editor have the images editing function. If PDF users can easily add header and footer images, change background, that would be awesome. Sometimes we need to insert relative pictures for better illuminating our statement. Besides, if you are a writer or someone who needs to declare the copyright of your own work, you can place signature by inserting a picture within the PDF.

3. Form Filling
Countless of PDF forms are distributed every day. If you are a college student, you will not surprise that everything is in PDF. Applying materials, homework, contact information forms, dorm requests, course registrations and so on. Without PDF editor, you need to print the form out and manually fill them out. And tax form, medical forms and many other digital forms in everyone's daily life are really time-consuming. PDF editor for Mac can greatly save your time and energy.

4. Review Functions
Can you picture a teacher reading hundreds of students' homework, adding comments with pen page by page? Both Mac and Windows users can easily create PDF. Student can create PDF files and send them to the teacher. The teacher can add sticky note with PDF Editor and highlight, underline or cross out text easily. The communication can be done within a few clicks. And many digital books are in PDF format, with the review functions, you can enjoy reading on your Macbook.

5. WYSIWYG-Style
WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) style interface is needed. People nowadays do not have time to learn software. Everybody is familiar with Microsoft Word. If editing PDF is as easy as using word processor, that would be greatly enhance the productivity.

Anyway, PDF format is an important part of our daily life and work. Apple provides a great platform and a new style for us to enjoy the technology. However, if you are not skilled in PDF, in some cases, your time and energy will be taken up with it unless you have a great PDF editor for Mac. Is there any affordable and easier PDF editor for Mac OS X that actually makes all the stuff mentioned above possible? Hopefully yes.