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How to Convert Scanned PDF into Editable Formats?

People like to scan paper-base document into digital file like PDF with the scanner. That's a great idea to lower the cost of the storage, and easier to distribute. However, how do I edit or search the content of a scanned PDF? In this case, you need OCR (Optical character recognition) technology, which can extract text from images.

There are some web service can make it, OCR Terminal is one of the best online OCR converters.


It is extremely easy to use.
Step 1: Sign up an account. As a member, you can convert 20 pages for free per month.
Step 2: Click DASHBOARD on the top menu
Step 3: Browse the image (TIFF, PNG, BMP and more) or PDF files you want to convert, click UPLOAD.

OCRTerminal - Dashboard

Wait a few seconds, then you can choose the recognition language. If your original file is in English, please choose English. More than 20 recognition languages are supported by OCRterminal.

Choose recognition language

Click OCR this document now to start. The conversion will be finished in a few seconds. You can download the output file as .txt, .doc, .pdf, .rtf.

OCRTerminal - download the output file as .txt, .doc, .pdf, .rtf


OCRterminal.com can deal with the PDF or images with pure background perfectly. However, if the background is too complicated, it won't recognize well.