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Mobile PDF Reader - View PDF on Mobile Devices

Even though PDF files are traditionally viewed on computers, with the development of mobile devices, now you can view them on your mobile devices as well. With mobile PDF readers, you can quickly access PDF documents anywhere, anytime on your mobile device to review and approve important documents on the go, which can increase your productivity indeed. There is a number of software available on the Internet. Here is an introduction of some free and popular options. They are mainly classified by operating system of devices.

Part 1 PDF reader for Windows Mobile
Foxit Reader for Windows Mobile supports Windows Mobile 2002/2003/5.0/6.0 and Windows CE 4.2/5.0/6.0. This software have plenty of advantages: light weight, amazingly fast, able to view PDF files on mobile devices, reflow any PDFs for easy viewing, find text in a PDF file, support multiple language, easily customizable and low cost.

Suits: HTC 5X5 Series 515/535/565/575/585 | Motorola MPX200/MPX220 | HTC Touch Series/P Series | Dopod 700/310/P800/900/575

For more information and download, please visit www.foxitsoftware.com/pdf/mobile/index.htm.


Part 2 PDF reader for Pocket PC 2.0
Adobe Reader for Pocket PC 2.0 extends the value and capabilities of Adobe PDF files by adapting them for high-quality viewing on smaller screens, while preserving their rich content. Adobe Reader for Pocket PC makes it easier for you to take digital editions and slide shows along on your Pocket PC device.

Suits: HTC S1/P800/S511 | Samsung i730 / i830 / i830w | Samsung SCH Series

For more information and download, please visit www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readerforppc.html.


Part 3 PDF reader for Symbian Series 60 OS
PDF+ is a free Nokia PDF viewer as it supports Symbian OS and enables Series 60 OS phones to view PDF files well. PDF+ is a Nokia PDF viewer and does not necessary to convert a PDF file to a proprietary format.

For more information and download, please visit http://handheld.softpedia.com/get/Word-Processing-Text-Tools/Document-Viewer/Pdf-plus-for-Series-60-Smartphones-2904.shtml.


Additionally, as the partner of Adobe, QuickOffice developed Adobe Reader LE 2.5 and optimized it for S60 3rd Edition mobile devices. Except the features other readers have, it provides word wrap feature that enable users to make page down while viewing PDF documents. This one costs $15 and trial version is available at the same time.

For more information and download, please visit http://www.quickoffice.com/store/s60-3rd-edition/adobe-reader-le-v25/


Suits: Nokia 7650 | Nokia 3600/3620/3650/3660 | Nokia N Gage | Siemens SX1 | Nokia 6600/6620 | Nokia 7610 | Nokia 6260 | Nokia 6670 | Nokia 3230 | Nokia 6630 | Nokia 6680 | Nokia N70 | Nokia N72 | Nokia N85 | Nokia N90 | Samsung SGH-D7xx | Sendo X


Part 4 PDF reader for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad
The Aji Reader is a nice and easy to use PDF reader. You can download a document directly from the web using the URL, or you can fetch it from their server. The only drawback is that you need to know the URL if you want something specific. Otherwise, you can simply do a Google search to find a PDF.

For more information and download, please visit:

Suits: iPhone 3GS/ iPhone 4 | iPod touch | iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later.

Note: Since iBooks supports EPUB (short for electronic publication) and EPUB is designed for reflowable content as that the text display can be optimized for the particular display device, it is more sensible to convert your PDF eBooks into EPUB format and read them on your Apple devices. PDF to EPUB for Windows and Mac provide users an efficient way to produce EPUB eBooks from PDF files as it support batch conversion.

PDF to EPUB for Windows: http://www.ws-pdf.com/pdf-to-epub-converter.html
PDF to EPUB for Mac: http://www.ws-pdf.com/pdf-to-epub-for-mac.html

Part 5 PDF reader for BlackBerry
As for BlackBerry, try the Mobipocket Reader and enjoy the reading experience. The application is free and designed to run on BlackBerry OS 4.3, BlackBerry OS 4.5, BlackBerry OS 4.6, and BlackBerry OS 4.7. Enjoy BlackBerry PDF Reader for dictionaries, eBooks, enews, Office documents, including the support of Microsoft ClearType display.

For more information and download, please visit http://handheld.softpedia.com/get/Word-Processing-Text-Tools/Document-Viewer/Mobipocket-Reader-for-BlackBerry-23691.shtml

Part 6 PDF reader for Embedded Linux
Foxit Reader for Embedded Linux is a reader for PDF documents on mobile Linux devices. The reader can be easily ported to other embedded Linux. Foxit Reader for embedded Linux is small, so you can download it quickly. You don't need any installation, just unzip it on your desktop PC and copy it over to your device.

Suits: Motorola A Series A780/A1200 | Motorola E Series E2/E680 | Philips 968 | NEC DoCoMo N-01A/N-02A/N-03A/N-04A | Google Android Dev Phone 1 | Samsung MITs-i519


For more information and download, please visit http://www.foxitsoftware.com/pdf/mobile/embeddedlinux.htm


Part 7 PDF reader for Palm OS
Adobe Reader for Palm OS software lets you view PDF files on handheld devices running Palm OS. Now take your digital editions, documents, and Adobe Photoshop Album slide shows from your desktop with you on your Palm OS device. Adobe Reader for Palm OS conveniently reflows Adobe PDF text to fit and be easily read on small screens, while preserving graphics and images.

Suits: Treo Series 680/650 | Palm Z22/M500/TIX

For more information and download, please visit http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readerforpalm.html


Part 8 PDF reader for mobile devices supporting Java
As a Java PDF reader, MobileMath is written by using J2ME technology. It can run on any mobile devices supporting Java.

For more information and download, please visit http://www.easyfreeware.com/mobilemath-10943-freeware.html


With the mobile PDF readers I introduced above, you may find out your mobile device is powerful to let you read eBooks, emails and other PDF files anywhere, anytime. However, mobile PDF readers have several limitations due to small screens of mobile devices. Most of readers do not support word wrap when users zoom text. As for some PDF files, you can convert them to txt and view them conveniently. Besides, CPUs of mobile devices are not strong enough to process large PDF documents. So split and mergence of their pages are necessary and can be completed by PDF editor. With the development of information technology, mobile PDF readers and mobile devices will combine and perform better in the near future.