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How to Export Adobe PDF to Excel?

Why Need We Export PDF to Excel?

Portable Document Format, also known as PDF, has great advantages in sharing and storing documents and data, mainly because:

1. PDF is a stand-alone format and is compatible in any device and OS, which means, you can view your PDF files in your PC, Laptop, as well as on Mac, Windows, or Unix Platform.

2. PDF files are often compressed, taking up less space than the original files.

As the popularity of PDF format, many statistical documents are becoming more widely available to the public. However, Adobe Reader doesn't have any editing functions. If we want to calculate or analyze PDF data, we need to copy data from PDF to Ms excel spreadsheet. That's why we need to export PDF to Excel.

How do we Export PDF to Excel?

There are two ways to export PDF to Excel — Adobe Acrobat or PDF to Excel Converter.

The First Way to Export PDF to Excel: Adobe Acrobat

1. In Adobe Acrobat 9.0 Pro (or other version), open the PDF file you need to export. Firstly, you need to make sure that you open PDF files using Adobe Acrobat, not Adobe Reader.

2. One of the easiest ways is to click "Text" tool and then select all the table data. Right clicks and chooses "Save as Table", and then the data would be saved as .csv document. Then you can directly open the file in MS Excel Spreadsheet.

How Can I Export Adobe PDF to Excel?

The Second Way to Export PDF to Excel: PDF to Excel Converter

1. Download the program and install it following the instructions.

2. Import the PDF files to the control panel. The application allows you export PDF to Excel in batch at a time. You can also set the page range of each file.

3. Click Convert button and the work is done.

How Can I Export Adobe PDF to Excel?

The Comparison of Two ways

With Acrobat, you need to save the file as Excel file manually, and export one PDF file to Excel document at a time. Besides, you need to reformat the data in Excel.
With PDF to Excel Converter, you can batch convert PDF to Excel automatically. The exported Excel file nearly needs no re-editing before using.

Adobe Acrobat would cost you $299, while PDF to Excel Converter $39.95.

Adobe Acrobat is a comprehensive PDF editor for multiple purposes, while PDF to Excel Converter is dedicated to meet the requirement of exporting PDF to Excel, more specifically.