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Need privacy? Don't post PDF documents online!

Sometimes we convert PDF to word just for one time. So, what we need is just an online converter because we don't use that frequently as people do in the office. And due to that condition, you can Google “convert PDF to word” and select an online one. But can they ensure the privacy? Most of us will have a hard time deciding whether or not to upload the private PDF online.

It is hard to tell if your PDF documents will be read by unauthorized people. You will never know. Besides, your e-mail address may be used.

Whew! How can you avoid this?

Just pick a desktop utility, a freeware or shareware with little expense! Most of us might prefer desktop PDF to Word Converter to online services. That make us feel we are in charge because we can use it whether online or not. And we don't have to wait for the email to get the target file.

Here comes a question: how to choose the right PDF to Word Converter? It depends on the conversion quality and speed, functions and price. Why not listen to the people who work with PDF and see what will they choose?

“Works great! I never could figure out how to get my pretty PDF graphics and stuff to transfer over to Word and still look the same. I have tried a number of PDF-to-Word converters, and this is among the best.”

-- User of Giveawayoftheday

“No such worries here as the desktop software gives me the flexibility to handle PDF conversion jobs as per my dictates. For simplicity, speed, sureness and security, the PDF to Word Converter is a download worth its bytes.”

--Editor from makeuseof.com

“One nice touch is that after the files are converted, you can click their file names within PDF to Word Converter, and they'll open right within Word. Given that PDF to Word Converter is free for personal use, it's worth a download if you need to convert PDF to Word files, just to see if it will work on the types of files you need to convert.”

--Review from PCWorld.com

Do you have any idea what they are talking about? Yes, they are talking about the same one – PDF to Word Converter. Let's take a look at the result from their professional test.

Here's a view from the PDF file:

Need privacy? Don't post PDF documents online!


Here's the view in the converted Word document:

Need privacy? Don't post PDF documents online!

As you can see, this free PDF to Word Converter preserves the original text content, images, layouts and hyperlinks after conversion, efficiently and accurately.

Furthermore, it supports these functions that beyond your imagination:

1. Batch conversion. You can batch process a big number up to 200 of files. Add (or drag and drop) they all and the files will be converted in short time.

2. Encrypted PDF conversion. When it detects a locked file, it places a padlock icon as a status indicator, and lets you unlock the file from the interface itself. If the PDF is just protected by owner password, which means that you can't copy and print the content, the PDF to Word Converter can deal with them as normal PDF.

3. Particular pages conversion. It also lets you selectively convert some specific pages range by putting in the desired page numbers.

Can any online converter be competitive?

"Nothing good is cheap, right?" Wiseman said, So let it be not cheap, but free to prevent from 'no good'.
Just try it out and you don't want to miss it. Click to download PDF to word converter 2.5.3 and fill the form to get the free keycode. they will send you registration code in minutes.