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The Demands and Applications for PDF to Office Converter

Portable Document Format, known as PDF, is the most popular digital format we can use to share and store information. It is easy to generate but hard to edit. Many of PDF files are specialized on MS Office formats such as word and PowerPoint. Sometimes we need to go back to the basis in order to fulfill a simple need like editing a certain passage or graphics. Therefore, it is essential for conversion from PDF to Office and there are diverse functions for different demands.

PDF to Word

People always need to copy or edit PDF but it is not allowed to edit directly without PDF Editor, so conversion from PDF to Word is helpful-job hunters can type on personal information in Word, secretaries can reformat the contents for other edition, graphic designers can extract images for design works, and students can quote relative professional literature for paper writing.

A desktop PDF to Word Converter can not only substitute tedious copying and pasting, but also reduce the workload and improve efficiency, with the original text, layouts, images and text hyperlinks preserved. Besides, it can supersede online software which works slowly, insecurely and inefficiently.

PDF to PowerPoint

A great PowerPoint Presentation will always give off a better impression. Whether it is for a small group, or major business conferences, professionals are choosing PowerPoint to distribute and present their final work. And many PowerPoint production materials are taken from PDF files. After all, people also like to save their PowerPoint as PDF for copyright protection.

By conversion from PDF to PowerPoint, each element would be editable, the format and style could be adjusted to make to presentations more vivid and effective, compared with simply showing in PDF. And users can also restore the presentations from PDF which originally generated from PowerPoint slides.

PDF to Excel

In the statistics and finance fields, statisticians always need to quote data of Statistics Report while accountants frequently wants to input data to database. Sometimes the data is preserved as PDF format, so they should convert PDF to Excel for preserving PDF table in Excel Spreadsheet with all the data, layouts and formatting retained.

Integrated Solutions

As specific functions can hardly meet multiple needs in digital life, so combination with much conversion formats would be a trend. PDF to Office Converter integrates commonly used conversion formats mentioned above. It provides three conversion mode, including batch, partial and right-click conversion modes. Besides, encrypted PDF with owner password can be converted as normal ones. All the original elements will be preserved in editable formats. What's more, It embodied two additional conversion formats—PDF to Text, PDF to HTML.

Therefore, it is obvious that a five-in-one PDF to Office Converter with entire functions and competitive price will be a fantastic application in the marketplace.

The interface of PDF Converter