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How to Highlight Text in PDFs with Acrobat 6?

We love PDF for it contains a great deal, runs on multiple platforms and is more secure. PDF becomes more and more popular recently. Therefore, there is also a great demand for highlighting the text in PDFs. Acrobat 6 is professional PDF editing software that can do whatever you like to your PDF files. Well, let’s show you how to highlight text in PDFs with Acrobat 6 step by step.

Step 1 Install and launch Acrobat 6
First of all, please download Acrobat 6. Then click the Start button, go to Programs and click Adobe Acrobat 6.0 Professional to run this application.

Acrobat Pro

Step 2 Open a PDF file and highlight the text
Now please go to File menu and click Open to open any PDF file you chose. Then a small dialog will appear with the title Open. Click Tools and go to Commenting > Highlighting > Highlighting Tool where your mouse pointer becomes cursor-shaped like this cursor.

highlight the text

Now you can simply select the text you want to highlight and get it done with as below.

highlight text

Step 3 Change color and complete highlighting

If you want to highlight the text with a different color, you can find various colors. To change the highlighter color, just select the text, click right and select Properties from the shortcut menu.

change color


Then click Color button and select a certain kind of color from color drop-down menu.

highlight properties

In the end, click Close button to finish the process and your selected highlight color will be applied to the text immediately.

With professional Acrobat 6, it becomes much easier for you to highlight the text in PDFs. The above mentioned steps guide you to mark all the important information as you assume. Just enjoy it.

Note: Sometimes you may find the PDF file you viewing are unavailable for highlighting, it that case, you need to make sure that the PDF file is not an OCR PDF or owner password protected PDF. If it is an owner password protected PDF, you could check out the article How to remove PDF password firstly, and then highlight the text in Acrobat Reader.