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How to Edit Text in PDFs with Acrobat 9?

Most of us may consider a PDF as a snapshot of our original file. And that's why people would sometimes prefer a PDF. It's true that Adobe® PDF is unlike other document formats, in which we can freely copy, paste, and move text and images on a page. However, with Adobe® Acrobat® 9, it becomes easy to edit text in a PDF so that we can better make use of the file. This article shows specific ways to edit text in PDFs with Acrobat 9.

Add New Text
You can insert or replace text only if the font used for that text is installed on your system. Below are the steps to go:
1. Select the TouchUp Text tool.
2. Ctrl-click where you want to add text.
3. In the New Font dialog box, select the font and mode you want, and click OK.
4. Type the new text.
5. To change the font size and other attributes, select the text, right-click, and choose Properties.

Nevertheless, if the font isn't installed on your system but is embedded or subsetted in the PDF, you can make changes only to color, word spacing, character spacing, baseline offset, or font size. Well, no need to worry in this case. Let's see what we can do with this problem.

Embed Fonts
Embedding fonts ensures that your PDF uses the same fonts as the original document, no matter where you open the PDF or what fonts are installed on that system.

1. Choose Tools > Advanced Editing > TouchUp Text Tool.
2. Click the text containing the font embedding or subsetting to edit. A paragraph of text is enclosed in a bounding box. You can select text within the paragraph by dragging.
3. Right-click the text, and choose Properties.
4. In the TouchUp Properties dialog box, click the Text tab to display the font name and font properties as well as embedding and subset capabilities.
5. To see a list of all the fonts, scroll through the Font menu. Document fonts are listed first. Your system fonts are listed below the document fonts.

6. Choose a font from the Font menu, check the permissions to determine which options are available for that font, and then select an embedding option. The permissions determine which embedding options are available:

  • Can Embed Font
    You can select both the Embed and Subset options. To embed the entire font rather than a subset, make sure that Subset is not selected.
  • Can Embed Font for Print and Preview Only
    You can only subset-embed the font. You can embed the font for print and preview but not for editing.
  • Cannot Embed Font
    Both the Embed and Subset options are unavailable.
  • No System Font Available
    Both the Embed and Subset options are unavailable.

Edit Text with the TouchUp Text Tool

1. Choose Tools > Advanced Editing > TouchUp Text Tool, or select the TouchUp Text tool  in the Advanced Editing toolbar.
2. Click in the text you want to edit. A bounding box outlines the selectable text.
3. Select the text you want to edit:

  • Choose Edit > Select All to select all the text in the bounding box.
  • Drag to select characters, spaces, words, or a line.

4. Edit the text by doing one of the following:

  • Type new text to replace the selected text.
  • Press Delete, or choose Edit > Delete to remove the text.
  • Choose Edit > Copy to copy the selected text.
  • Right-click the text and choose the appropriate option.
  • Click outside the selection to deselect it and start over.

With Acrobat 9, you can edit text on rotated lines in the same way as on horizontal lines, and you can edit text using vertical fonts in the same way as text using horizontal fonts. The baseline offset or shift for vertical fonts is left and right, instead of up and down for horizontal fonts.

However, for the complicated text with different fonts and background, the editing in Acrobat would be hard and the work would become less efficiency. In this case, you could try PDF to Word Converter to edit PDF text in Word Process. This would be a better choice.