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How to Combine Multiple PDF Files Together with Acrobat 9 Pro?

Combining PDF files together can help you better organize your documents. And this tip tells you how to combine multiple PDF files together with Acrobat 9 Pro.

Step 1 Start Adobe Acrobat Pro

Step 2 Choose File > Combine > Merge Files Into A Single PDF.

Combine PDF Files

If a PDF is currently open, it appears in the list of included files.

Step 3 In the upper-right corner of the Combine Files dialog box, make sure that Single PDF is selected.

Step 4 From the Add Files menu, choose any of the following:

Add PDF Files

  • To add individual files, choose Add Files, and then select the files.
  • To add all the files in a folder, choose Add Folders, then select the folder.
    Note: If the folder contains files that Acrobat does not support for PDF conversion, those files are not added.
  • To add files that you have combined into PDFs in other sessions, choose Reuse Files. Then select a previously created PDF from the left list, and from the right list, select the component documents. (If you have not used the Combine Files dialog box before, this option is not available.)
  • To add currently open PDFs, choose Add Open Files, and then select the files.
    Note: If any files are password-protected, one or more messages appear, in which you must enter the correct password.

Combine password protected PDF files

Step 5 As needed, do any of the following in the list of files: 

  • To rearrange the order of files on the list, select a file, then drag it or click Move Up or Move Down.
  • Combine PDF files

  • To sort the list, click the column name that you want to sort by. Click again to sort in reverse order.
  • To convert only part of a multipage source file, double-click the file, or select the file and click the Choose Pages button (see Note). In the Preview, review and select pages, as needed, following the instructions in the dialog box, which vary according to file type, and click OK.
    Combine Partial Pages

Step 6 Click Options to specify conversion settings.

Step 7 Specify a file size, and then click Combine Files.

A status dialog box shows the progress of the file conversions. After a while, you can get the merged PDF file.