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7 Best Applications to Edit PDF Text on Mac

Have you ever wanted to fill out form of PDF sent by companies, add annotation and comments on the studying materials, or add signatures on the contracts and proposals and so on? And have you ever been depressed about those tasks? So did me. I ever thought that editing PDF text on Mac like what we did in Word Process, but only find that the .pdf is just a non-editable format. Anyway, after some searching and testing, I have made the work well and accumulate some knowledge and skill about using PDF editing software. Here I want to share it.

According to the difference of functional emphasis, the applications can be divided into three types: PDF Readers, PDF Converters and PDF Editors.

PDF Readers
1. Adobe Reader—a free and platform compatible PDF reader. It has limited functions to edit PDF text. You can use it to annotate PDF, highlight or underline the text and rotate pages. Of course, copy and paste from PDF to Word is allowed if the PDF was not password protected. However, the behaviors of changing the original contents such as adding or moving pages, modifying text are invalid.

2. Preview—it is a specially designed free PDF Reader for Mac OS. Most of the functions are corresponding with Adobe Reader mentioned above. Yet, there is still some difference. Firstly, you can change the sequence by moving the pages to another spot on bookmark; secondly, you can add your signature on it. If you are looking for a free PDF editor solution, I strongly recommend just using Preview.

PDF Conversion Tools
1. PDF Converter for Mac — if you want to edit PDF text in Word/Excel/PowerPoint Process and so on, I highly recommend it too. It is a 6-in-1 PDF conversion tool for Mac including PDF to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Epub, Text and HTML on Mac (Snow Leopard, Lion included). You can try or purchase them individually. Besides, it is available on Mac OS 10.5 and above.

By the application, you can really make editing PDF text in Office Process realized. It effectively makes up some weakness of the functions that PDF editors have, such as extracting images and removing PDF password. The article how do I edit PDF on Mac shows the details of both of them. And the application is not free but maybe cost-effective. The Studio sometimes launches free giveaway of PDF to Word Converter on Facebook. You can "Like" it for the gift.

2. Free online PDF Conversion Tools — the service enables you upload your PDF files onto the Website and require for conversion. It is no need to install any software on your Mac desktop. There are multiple formats you can choose to convert. However, maybe as it is free, the service provides very limited functions of conversion, far away from the PDF conversion tools. If you want to get more benefit, you need to pay for it.

PDF Editors
1. Adobe Acrobat — little doubt that Adobe Acrobat is the most functional and authentic PDF Editor. Like Adobe Reader, it is also available on Mac and Windows OS. It nearly embodies all the functions of editing PDF text. And we can refer it to resolve all the PDF puzzles, maybe that's why PDF Editor is needed on Mac. However, it is hard to beat in its functionality. What's more, spending $300 PDF Editor for a PDF Editor seems a bit outrageous if you just need to make small changes. After all, this product has many cheaper or even free alternatives.

2. PDFpen — a famous commercial PDF Editor on Mac. It only cost $49.95, a whole lot cheaper than Adobe Acrobat. With much of the same functionality in terms of making quick text edits to PDF files and the ability to edit faxes, OCR files, and more.

3. Open Office — it is free and open-source software compatible in multiple platform. It enables you import your PDF file to the process for simple editing. It mixes some functions of PDF converter and PDF editor. You can edit PDF text, reset the layouts, extract images and etc. But you could do any motivation if the PDF is protected with password.

In summary, for different purpose, the functional requirements of editing PDF text on Mac are not the same. Therefore, the point is to choose right applications to accomplish the task at the least expense. Hope this introduction would do you some favor.